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Respite & Recreation


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To register for events, please contact Lisa Farr at (602) 679-3171 or

Camp Civitan

Camper Registration Steps

1. Submit Your Camp Session Requests*:
To submit your requests, please complete and return the Camp Session Request Form*.
If you select multiple sessions, please also rank your selected sessions (1= first choice, 2= second choice, and 3= third choice, etc.) and include this information with your requests. If the demand for Camp is high, we will use this information to do our best to accommodate your preferences and get your camper into the camp(s) they would most like to attend.

2. Submit the Camper Application & Send a Current ISP to Civitan:
Complete and submit the Camper Application, pages 3 - 20 of the Camper Packet, and request that your Support Coordinator send a current ISP to Civitan. (This step must be done once per calendar year)

3. Schedule and Attend an Intake Meeting:
An Intake Meeting (In-Person or Zoom) is required for all new campers and may be required for campers who have not attended Camp in 3 years.
To schedule your intake, please call (602) 953-2944 Ext. 110 or email

4. Wait for Your Reservation Confirmation:
Once you've received your reservation confirmation, those using respite hours must contact their Support Coordinator to arrange the authorization of hours.
DDD authorizations must be received at least one week prior to the camp start date.

*Please note: Camp requests are not guaranteed until all steps of the registration process are complete, and a reservation confirmation is received.

For questions and to register for Camp, please contact (602) 953-2944 Ext. 110 or

Adult Life Learning Programs (DTA)

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